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Social Media Marketing

The influence of social media is evolving fast. It’s more important than ever before to ensure that your brand has a strong presence and a good reputation online, regardless of your industry. Whether you’re looking to showcase the faces behind the brand, build up the community around your business or simply drive more traffic to your website, our social media marketing experts can provide you with a solution.


Strategy matters. We provide a high-value knowledge in the planning process to define social media channels, content strategy and buyer personas to reach the peak of targeting & achieve powerful ROI.


Every audience has different habits and interests. We provide a range of social media content (text, picture, video) and posting services to help you drive Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Xing, Snapchat & Co successful.


Our social media advertising services are proven to accelerate growth. By advertising through social media, 100% of our clients have seen powerful return on investments and stable growing results.

Consultancy & Workshops

We define together with you the right steps for your social media success. In individual planned workshops we work with you on how to play the social media game.

Social Media Marketing Process

There are different ways to achieve goals. We choose the most efficient and powerful one. 

Our 5-step process ensure maximum success in Social Media Marketing:

WE ARE Generation Social Media

All our experts at ZEEYA DIGITAL were born into the raise of social media channels. “To be online” is our daily habit. Connect, post, share, influence – that is what we are doing since the beginning. Social Media Marketing is part of our DNA.



Together with your company, we:

Improve Brand 

Price is not long term success factor – but a strong brand is. 

Let´s work on your awareness and success.

Increase Traffic 
and SEO Ranking

The right strategy increase your website traffic, your lead score and your sales. We run your promotion campaigns.

Brand Positioning

How do you want that people think about your company or product when they get in touch? Positioning is King!

Story Telling

We define the story and play the journey that audiences want to listen, and engage with. No boring mainstream!

Posting & Planning

We create your postings, from organic to stories - from Instagram to LinkedIn. Our posting plans keep your audience attention.


Highly specific target audience and advertising for higher engagement & success with our big data based sources.

Most Frequent Questions 
Social Media

Growing your business using social media brings up questions. Here are the most frequent:

Yes. Whether your business is based on B2C or B2B markets – Social Media has one big impact for all of us: Trust.
You can tell a story to motivate people and help them to fix problems. You can show background information about processes and products, which shows the human face behind. There are far more possibilities how you can run successful social media.

Determining the platforms you should utilise for your business entirely depends on your brand’s vision and the audience you’re looking to attract. Our social media marketing experts will ensure that the channels we choose or recommend for your brand are highly appropriate, tailored to your ideal audience and will be effective both in the short-term, and the long-term.

A paid social media presence is not a necessity, but setting aside a budget for platform-based ads can be highly beneficial for channels on which you do not already have a significant presence. With millions of businesses fighting for visibility, paid search can give you a boost. Our social media experts will provide you with detailed audits of the ads you could be running and estimate the return you’d receive as part of your social media management strategy.

We work with a huge range of Social Media channels on a daily basis, providing us with the knowledge and expertise to make recommendations to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

– LinkedIn
– Facebook
– Instagram
– Xing
– YouTube
– Snapchat
– TikTok

We are able to cover your whole social media channel:

– Account Setup & Registrations
– Copywriting
– Content production
– Content posting & planing
– Messaging 
– Targeting/Re-targeting
– Ad Payment Services
– Reports