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Why should ppc part of your online strategy?

Pay Per Click (PPC) or Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is a crucial foundation for any successful marketing strategy. Paying to appear alongside organic search results does not just fast-track your brand and site into your chosen marketplace – it also provides a world of insightful data that will continue to improve your PPC ROI, as well as complement your SEO and other digital marketing efforts.

How do you know which search terms will bring high quality traffic?

How can you make sure you are getting a good ROI on PPC campaigns?

How can you keep up with constant search engine PPC results?

ZEEYA Digital have been successfully managing PPC campaigns in most competitive markets. We know the answers to deliver the right traffic to your website & grow your business.

Benefits of PPC/SEA (Google Ads):

Quick market entry

PPC / SEA is incredibly time efficient and great for quick results. It builds the foundations for your digital marketing strategy, and brings you fast into your desired markets. 

Outstanding targeting

PPC allows us to focus to specific audience behavior across their previous searches and past online habits. Compared with the data the campaign will return, your targeting can be perfected.

Accelerated Awareness

SEA/PPC marketing is for more than just selling services and products – to establish your organization an leading name in your industry, a PPC campaign could be designed to do precisely this.

Powerful Data

With an incredible amount of insights, gained from in-depth marketing data, PPC campaigns offers the adverts to see costs, views, clicks, visits, conversions and much more. We bring them together to to optimize your SEA/PPC campaigns.

The process of implementation

All our clients we work with are at different stages in the implementation and understanding of PPC/SEA and how it can fit into an overall marketing strategy.

Firstly we get to know you, your competitors and the results you want to achieve. From there, we’ll put together an actionable and understandable strategy that will deliver results.

Keyword Research

We use specialist software and techniques to conduct an in-depth analysis of what you are doing well online, what could be improved, what your ideal customers look for and what works for your competitors to create the ideal keyword strategy.

Landing Pages

We make sure that the information your audience reaches after click is going to encourage the conversions that will drive business growth. To ensure this is the case, we will help you create landing pages and content that drives your potential customers in the right direction.

Tracking / Reports

Performance tracking is vital. We will put the systems in place that help us get it right from day 1. As the data builds, you get to see what we do, meaning you can be sure you apply your budget in the right places – and we can continue to adjust your campaign to offer the highest possible ROI.

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Commonly Asked Questions

There are many good reasons to use PPC. It is measurable, in short-term faster than SEO, complementary to other marketing channels, and most importantly it converts well. Like any marketing channel, PPC has a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it can be a highly cost-effective and dependable source of leads.

SEO and PPC have their own advantages and features. In our experience, use of both of these in synergy works very well for any business which wants to generate traffic through search engines. But deciding on which one will be the primary source of traffic generation should be based on your business goals, and the services and products you are selling. Our PPC experts will be able to guide you in this decision once they analyze your company, the competition, and what type of keywords you will need to promote your site.

Once we have all the necessary documentation in place, we can begin development and strategic keyword analysis and should have a campaign in place within 2-3 weeks. Keep in mind, our process is completely transparent and you will have access to all reporting and keyword views.

Every time someone clicks on your advertisement, you will pay the fee associated (your bid price) with the specific term searched for and clicked on. Typically we establish a maximum bid for a keyword (the most you will pay for an individual click) and a total daily budget amount. ZEEYA Digital – PPC Management in Shenzhen will work with you to determine an appropriate, realistic and viable budget for your add campaign. You may pay more than your maximum daily budget depending on how many ads are showing when your budget runs out.

PPC campaigns can benefit it in so many ways:

  • Promotion of your products/services
  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Generate quick traffic to your website
  • Generate Sales/Leads
  • Target your potential customers across the world