Digital Advertising

With analytical data & full-funnel advertising we run digital marketing campaigns to produce real results.

ZEEYA Digital - Digital Advertising

Disrupt and influence audience through digital advertising.

In a competitive market scenario, targeting right customers is a challenging task. Every company wants to see their budget come through with both an excellent ROI and the best possible results when it comes to their out of their investments in digital advertising. 


The biggest problem in our digital landscape is the vast majority of companies don’t know how to accomplish efficient and powerful online advertising, continually using the same traditional media methods. To accomplish this, we rely on with digital strategies in order to:


– Attract new audiences

– Generate more qualified leads

– Efficiently close more sales

Best Targeting Options

Nearly half the world’s population access social media. All of us share masses of information about ourselves, our lifestyles and our engagement habits. ZEEYA creates exceptional campaigns based on principles we are confident will deliver results.

Powerfull Campaigns

Our digital footprints are everywhere – and the same is true of everyone who engages with your social campaigns. With powerful full-funnel strategies on social media, we can make sure our clients drive high quality leads and grow in international markets.

Social Media Advertising - Full-Funnel

Quality lead generation is becoming crucially important in this noisy digital space. Having an online presence for your brand and business becomes more valuable if they drive productive business results. Besides vanity metrics such as Likes, Engagement, Reach and Impressions, driving quality Leads is what will make your online presence more worthwhile, effective and can drive a healthy return on investment.


All your woes will end once you experience the power of data-driven marketing & our full-funnel strategies.

Let's boost your business

Social Media & Search channels offer unbelievable possibilities for addressing specific target groups. With personalized buying personas and individual full-funnel strategies we can drive a high quality lead output, bring them efficient through the buyer journey and maximize the acquisition process.

Depending on your company goals, our experts will define the optimal steps and actions to achieve your goals for digital advertising and campaigning. With our wide range of digital channels and deep technical know-how we will work with you to generate high quality leads.

Intent focused

When combining our Conversion-focused Websites with traffic, you can find fast and significant uplifts.

Increase Sales

We help you to increase your sales pipeline with individualized tools and quality content.  

Strategy & Execution

We cover strategy & execution that is specific to you, to help grow your business from all digital angles.